Mint/Manjaro Improved Dark CBlue Menu Button


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Menu button in Mint and Manjaro isn't that great so there it is - a nicer version

The thumbnail may be a bit lowQ seen here but the button image's Hi-res

Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in you capability to download and set it up, after all what have you got to lose, if you don't like it you can always bin it and once you change your mind, bring it back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you voted out of favour because you had a bad day or acted upon feeling like a spoiled toddler, be aware that I consider it as indeed very immature and silly. On contrary, if you liked what you got, definitely feel free to vote + and possibly point others to the product site, you will actually do well if you do this, unlike most who in fact can't do anything else than express negativity because they think it matters.
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