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Alternative Manjaro App Menu

Single Icon/Logo by isylumn
Alternative Manjaro Applicarion (Start) Menu icons in scalable SVG format (Gnome 'trail' icon
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Apr 23 2019

Alternative Linux Mint Application Menu Icon

Single Icon/Logo by isylumn
Here is a collection of an alternative application menu icons that a user might choose instead of the default icon shipped with Linux Mint distributions. Most Linux Mint distros (Cinnamon, Stretch, XFCE) are given new selections (sorry Mate fans - I got nothing for you). Credit to the owner of...
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Feb 19 2019

LXDE Start Menu Icons

Single Icon/Logo by PowderLinux
Start menu buttons for Lubuntu and other LXDE distros. Add eye candy to your Lubuntu/LXDE
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Jul 09 2019